About Us

It’s about miniature figure community based on Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia.
We love to create imagination with miniature figure, especially with HO Scale figures and properties.

We are coincidentally formed from several members who are members of IMFC87 in Indonesia, members of the community BHOS87 are lovers of photography, especially miniature photography.

Miniature figures (also known as miniatures, mini, figures, mini fig or figs) are small-scale representations of historical or mythological entities used in mini-type games, role playing, and dioramas. Miniature numbers are usually made of metal, plastic, or paper. They are used to add visual aspects of the game and position the track, face, and line of sight of the characters. Miniature is usually painted and can be carved artistically, making their collection according to their own right.

We combine the above aspects into a unique and uninspiring work of art, and certainly to be enjoyed by the crowd through simple concepts in real life.

Are you interested with us? Join now.